Painted Bride Quarterly

“Understatement” – published in Painted Bride Quarterly

The Atlas Review

“Species Dysphoria” – published in The Atlas Review

Cosmonauts Avenue

“Standing The Test of Time (A How To Guide)” – published in Cosmonauts...

JuxtaProse Literary Magazine

“Visual Fatalism” and “Causa Sui” – published in JuxtaProse Literary Magazine

TYPO Magazine

“Vorticism” – published in TYPO Magazine  

Two Hawks Quarterly

“The Scapegoat” – published in Two Hawks Quarterly

The Columbia Review

“Étant donnés”  – published in The Columbia Review    

Fruita Pulp

“Fair Verona” and “Cables” – published in Fruita Pulp  

Rufous City Review

“Lux Continua” – published in Rufous City Review    

The Destroyer

“time-lapse resolution” and “conditions of resurrection” – published in The Destroyer    

Flag + Void

“Archeology of Means” – published in Flag + Void’s ‘postcard series’


“love song / suicide bomb” and “teen angst / grand theft auto” –...

> kill author

“fetishism” and “thrownness” – published in > kill author

Radioactive Moat

“unstatistically speaking” and “uncertainty principle” – published in Radioactive Moat    

The Diverse Arts Project

“Alla Prima” – published in The Diverse Arts Project  

Requited Journal

“Antonyms for Reticence” – published in Requited Journal    

PANK Magazine

“fragments on openness” – published in PANK Magazine    


four poems – published in ditch,

Arsenic Lobster

“to do with the price of tea in China” – published in the...

Ouroboros Review

“Tonic” and “Subject to Change” (“Your Euphrates”) – published in Ouroboros Review